Peter first visited Ruhpolding in 1958 with his parents John and Jane Crawford.

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Ruhpolding is a municipality of the Traunstein district in southeastern Bavaria, Germany.
It is situated in the south of the Chiemgau region in the Alps.
Ruhpolding has a population of approximately 6,400.
The economy is based on tourism and sports.
The name "Ruhpolding" originates from the Bavarian word Rupoltingin and means "the people of the strong famous one". The town is mentioned as Ruhpoldingen for the first time in 1193.
It was connected through railway in 1895.
Since 1948, Ruhpolding became a famous spa and tourist resort, especially for winter sports.

Ruhpolding - Satellite View

Ruhpolding Bahnhof

Ruhpolding Bahnhof

Welcoming Music at Ruhpolding Station

'Grüß Gott in Ruhpolding'

Ruhpolding - the Village

Ruhpolding - Haus Tant Agnes

Ruhpolding - Village Centre

Ruhpolding - General View

Kurhaus - Ruhpolding

Jane and Peter - Kurhaus
Ruhpolding - c 1958

Auf dem weg nach Ruhpolding - Bayern 


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